Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So far this day..

2:41 p.m. and I have yet to shower, slammed down a fast food lunch, and literally, ran in one place for the last six hours.

Liv got off the bus yesterday with that face. The "I don't feel good" face. And she was burning up. And she didn't want dinner. So I got her a doctors appointment first thing this morning.

The doctor ordered blood work. And an ultrasound. On her pelvis. She has pain. And she sat, and felt her lymph node for what seemed like eternity. She remarked how gigantic her left one was.

So off to the hospital we went. Molly needed lab work too. Her hair is changing. I just thought it was knotty and frizzy. But the doctor wants her thyroid checked.

And I know these things normally turn into nothing to worry about. But sometimes they don't. So until that is for certain, I have a small lump in my throat. And a knot in my chest.

My mind became scattered. I started driving too fast. I left my bank card in the car when I went to the post office, and I snapped at the clerk when I thought he was moving too slowly. And there was an accident, that made me take a detour, and instead of saying a prayer for the people in the car, I got irritated.

And now I feel bad that it took Liv so long to give her urine sample. Flushed with fever, her eyes looked so sad as I made her gulp water, and glared at her.

Why did I do that?


  1. Why? Because you're scared, human, and love your daughters...

  2. Sounds like a really crummy day. Sounds like you handled it the same way any of us terrified Moms would.

    Thanks for being real. It's nice to hear the real truth from Moms and not just the sugar coated stuff.