Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday the 12th

Olivia is better. Finally. It took the whole week to get her temperature down. Constant Tylenol and Motrin. I hate doing that. I feel like I am just masking the problem. As soon as the medicine wore off, her temperature would shoot right back up. I felt so bad for her. One minute she was feeling better, and then she got the chills again, and would burrow into her bed. For days. I felt a little "cabin feverish". I did take her with me some places. I had no choice on certain days. But our outings were fast. My regular schedule was off. Not quite used to her constant chatter either. Non. Stop.

I watched her stride toward the bus this morning, and loved watching her pony tail bounce, and swing behind her. I feel thankful for anti-biotics. I feel thankful that she is just fine.

We made a fire outside last night. All night, each time I woke up, I could smell the fire on my hair. I just love that. The girls played all day, and smelled like fresh air. It was so warm out.

I planted some bulbs. Two different kinds of peonies, and some ranunculus. I also chose two different kids of dahlias. And Lily of the Valley. I am so excited about them. They are poking up out of the dirt more than they were yesterday.

I have two wicker chairs in my basement that I am going to paint next weekend. I can't decide what color. Something bright. Maybe turquoise. I chose some really pretty fabric to re-cover the old cushions. I don't know how to sew, so this should be interested. I have a brand new sewing machine in the box, in my basement. Maybe this is the year to learn.

Spring. Not quite here, but all the little signs are just beginning. And with that, plans. And thanks to Pinterest, my guilty pleasure, I suddenly want to gut my house, and start over.

 One can dream. At least I can do so in a much quieter house today.

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