Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What's in a number?

Did you know that a full time worker, making minimum wage, which is $7.25, is paid $14,500 a year? Did you know that to raise a family of four above the poverty line, it takes an annual salary of $23,550?

That is a sobering number, considering so many of the so called "lazy" people on welfare, and using food stamps, are actually, working. Full time to boot, or at least close to that, so their employers don't have to offer them healthcare. 

Here is another interesting fact. There are 40 states in the U.S., where welfare pays better than minimum wage. How about that! Here is another good one. Welfare pays more than the average salary of a U.S. teacher in 9 states! 9!! That almost seems unacceptable to me. It should to you. 

Here is the thing. The total number of Americans on welfare, is 4,300,000. This is a big number. I kind of get why that may be happening. The cost of living goes up weekly it seems. Add gas for your car, and that number can fluctuate daily. Yet peoples pay isn't. Unless of course you are part of the teeny tiny percentage enjoying record corporate profits. The profits your hard work is producing. The same profits not being shared. When life keeps getting more and more expensive, some days, and believe me, I know this all too well, it is hard to fill the refrigerator. 

Which gets me to my next number. The amount of Americans receiving Food stamps, you know, the ones that actually help kids eat, are 46,700,000! You read that right. In a country, where corporations are reporting record profits, people are having the hardest time just feeding everyone. There is something so very wrong with that. 

Raising the minimum wage should be something that is adjusted annually. Just like the price of gas makes us adjust our travels, so too should the hardest working Americans receive compensation. It could mean the difference of getting off food stamps. Getting off welfare. I am a glass half full person, and certainly, many will disagree with me, and insist the poor be kept poor, but I say, raise a person's pay, and watch simple math and economics happen right before your eyes. 

I am tired of people looking down, to the families on the lowest rungs of our society, as what is wrong here in America. Look up." Follow the money", if you will.  Haven't too many people "laughed all the way to the bank" on your back? 

The top 1% of households by income captured 121 percent of all income gains between 2009 and 2011...the other 99%? They got poorer. 

What President Obama said at the State of the Union address on Tuesday seems impossible to disagree with. "Let's declare that in the wealthiest nation on earth, no one who works full time should have to live in poverty".

Makes sense to me.


  1. Ignorance is Bliss. Or so some say....

    Fantastic post. Rock on girl.

  2. Did you know, people who work for themselves are being crushed under this admin? Did you know nothing is free? Where does all the money that is being handed out come from? People like me! If you think health care was expensive, wait to see how much the TAX for not having it is. I saved my money back in my “Prada” days, live within my means, and pay insurance for my self and my daughter. I work 70 hours a week and since this president, have had a harder time making ends meet. You wonder why people cant get “good” jobs? Because anyone who makes money and works hard gets punished by the government! What are we left with? People who keep expecting handouts and begging people to pay their bills while blaming everyone else for their problems. And those same people that get handouts look down their noses at anyone with more them and call them greedy.