Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hurry up Spring

In a fit of frustration over snowfall, last week, I marched out of the house in my snow boots, and hacked off some forsythia branches that line my property. The girls were all home from school, yet again, because of the weather. I am longing for warmer weather. Literally yearning. When I came back in the house with my arms filled with branches, Olivia smiled and said how she loves that I force the buds to open every winter. She adores a little bit of Spring in the house.

 Grape hyacinth bulbs in a mason jar on the kitchen table have also added a bit of desperately needed color. So have the daffodils that David brought home for me, for Valentines Day. I dislike roses. They are pretty, but not my thing. Bring me daffodils, or daisies, and you have my heart. David knows this, after many years together, and always gets it right.

Even Molly is sick of the snow. Sick of the cold. Sick of bundling up. She gets herself dressed, proudly, every day, and as of late, she keeps putting on bathing suits. Yesterday, she came out in her cherry one piece. The other day, it was her monkey bikini. She keeps asking if today is summer. Ugh..I wish it was baby. 

The dry air in the house is killing my nose. And the sound of the heat, running, makes me stressed. I just want it off for the season, and the windows open. I know it won't be much longer, and last winter, we really were spoiled around here, but some days, the winter seems to drag on and on. Heavy sweaters, and one too many dinners including gravy makes me dream of days outside, grilling, and sitting in the warm sun. Sleeping with the windows open. Listening to my windchimes.

So, we wait patiently for the first signs of Spring. Molly asked me if the trees were going to get their leaves back. She was worried about them. I assured her that they always do. Every year. And the birds come back, and all of the bugs, and our sweet little chipmunks too. Our pretty daffodil bulbs that I planted so long ago, have begun pushing out of the soil, beneath the snow, as we speak. 

We can't see them yet, but soon enough they will be here. 

Soon enough.

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