Thursday, November 8, 2012


Car trouble. I can't take the stress some days. My car is not only making some crazy creaky noise, but the transmission seems to be slipping. I put the car in gear, and it doesn't go anywhere, and then suddenly, jerks into gear. This is the last thing we need. The absolute last. I can't afford a car repair, let alone a car. If something happens to my car, were screwed. 

I have no gas in the car as well, so I will be home all day today. Lots to do around here, and plenty of time to stress about the car. 

The good news is that I will be waiting tables on the weekends. This is something I have never done before. I am nervous. But extra cash around here would be so awesome. 

Especially with an impending car repair. 


  1. Waitressing is easy. You got this. Just wear comfortable shoes, as all that time on your feet, walking around can be brutal on your body.

    My car just had to go into the shop, so I feel the pain of the issue. The little nest egg we had built back up over the last few months took a big hit. Sigh.

  2. Call your president, maybe some rich people can help out.

  3. So sorry things are so tough on your family. I live here too and I feel your pain. I hope the next four years improve with better paying jobs in our area. Hope and change, forward, etc. Time to live like the locals. Good luck as your taxes go up and up and up and the schools provide less and less. Blakeslee Transmission does a great job on cars and they won't rob you. Give them a call.

  4. Good luck. Move if you can.

  5. Waiting tables can be really tough work, but also can be fun depending on your co-workers.. the instant gratification is what I always loved about it. You work hard, you go home with cash. Good luck- you'll catch on quick :)

  6. Erin, you will love it! People just want a pretty, pleasant face. Listen carefully, smile sincerely, and be happy with the cash you bring home!