Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday calm

Just picked up my free turkey from the grocery store. It is a 20 pound bird. That's a lot of turkey. And it was free. Love that.

We were going to spend Thanksgiving this week with my sister, but I am going to work. The girls were disappointed, but they have decided to go and help out at the church here while I am working, and set up and serve Thanksgiving dinner to people who have nowhere to go, and I am really proud of them. I will be home by evening, so we will spend it together. 

David has a tire that needs to be replaced. He has been filling it with air for the last few days, and now it's pumped up with fix a flat. I wonder how many miles you can ride with that pumped into the tire. We shall see, because a tire just ain't in the budget this week. 

He was up early before work this morning, banging around the house, and swearing. He was stressed, which in turn made me stressed. My car had to be towed the other day, so between the two of us, we are feeling a bit pressured. Some days I just wake up and feel it already. I feel the day will most certainly go down hill. Today, I woke up with that feeling, and I just am so sick of it. I just decided not to worry about it. What can I do?

It's Friday. Pretty soon, my quiet house will be bustling. I think I will just enjoy the silence here, as Molly naps. 

Happy Friday.


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