Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday morning

It seems that I have bitten off a lot this school year. Not too much, mind you, just more than usual. I find myself having less time, to do what I love, which is write, and paint, and edit my photos. Even finding the time to take photos is something I try and set as a goal for myself everyday, but it hasn't happened in the last week or two.

We are stretched to the max this week. Friday, which is payday, seems like a lifetime away. I am out of most everything. I can make one more dinner containing a protein between now and then, but there looks like we will be having a lot of pasta in the next few days, and lunches are out for me and David. They are reserved for the kids. I could stand to miss a few meals. Believe me. And so could David.

Our garbage didn't get picked up yesterday because we have a $37.00 balance. Can you believe that! I was so annoyed. David looked like he was going to have a stroke. It just never ends some months. Our garbage account is suspended until we pay the balance, and of course, to "unsuspend" it, you know what that means. A fee. A fee for someone to strike a key on a keyboard. I costs you so much more money to be broke. Believe me. Someone is out there getting rich off fees that we have been paying for the last few years trying to play catch up from the month before. Sometimes, I could cry. I feel like we are never going to get out of this hamster wheel. Most days though, it makes me laugh.

My problems are tiny compared to so many. They are minute. They mean nothing. And really, I will forget about them by next month. Because the garbage will be picked up. And we will have food in the fridge by weeks end. And there will be other bills to worry about. And more late fees to pay. And by the time David gets his pay, we will be in the negative before it even gets deposited.

This life we lead some days just makes me shake my head, and smile.

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