Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Point of reference

Apparently, Mitt Romney believes that the median household income in this country is between $200,000 and $250,000. He also believes that 47% of Americans are lazy.

A few things come to mind when I read both of those things. Now first off, this is what he said. This is not the "liberal media" taking anything out of context. This is straight from the horses mouth. (pun intended)

When I saw the amount  he believes represents the median income of people across this country, I chuckled to myself, and thought that he truly has no idea what is going on in America. He really hasn't a clue how hard people work, and what they are actually bringing home to show for that hard work.

 Which leads me to believe that his comment about 47% of Americans being lazy, and expecting the government to support them really makes sense to him. He has no point of reference for what the average American family lives on, makes due with, stretches to pay their bills with, and feed their kids, put clothes on them, gas in the car, heat coming out of the vents, water running from the faucets, and lights on. He simply hasn't a clue.

I grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood. There was one black family in my own Levitt subdivision. My childhood was happy, and we had enough. Everyone treated me well, and I was never held back from any opportunity. I grew up thinking that I could be whatever I wanted. The sky was the limit. I didn't know prejudice. I never experienced it. Except, if someones bike went missing on my street. Everyone blamed the black family. They secretly mumbled that the oldest son was most likely the thief.

Every job interview I ever went on, I got. Doors have never been closed to me. I thought this was how it was for everybody, but friends that I have now, friends that are not white, tell me differently. I listen to them tell me how people utter hideous names under their breath to them. I have heard how they know going into a job interview, they will not be called back. That surprised me because I had no point of reference. None. And it made me sad. For them, and for any and everybody who has to live like that.

Maybe Mr. Romney can't even fathom keeping a family of five fed, clothed, and protected from the elements on under $50,000. Or under $40,000. Or under $30,000. Maybe he thinks that hard work equals better pay. Maybe he thinks everybody gets to go to college. That you can just "borrow" money and start a business. Maybe he knows nothing of the vicious cycle of low pay=late bills=bad credit=paying more than you have to for things=go back to start. Maybe, he doesn't have the ability to empathise, and see outside of his own point of reference.

 Maybe, like all those people in my Levitt subdivision, he might have thought that the black family's son stole the bike. He must. He has lumped all of us in as" lazy". Most people I know don't make $250,000 a year. And I don't know anyone who is lazy, or feels entitled. Not one person. I see people working very hard for what they have. I don't see anyone looking for a free ride.

By the way, the bike thief turned out to be the Irish kid up the block.



  1. I wish hard work equaled better pay.

  2. I read with interest your article in the Pocono Record this morning but I had to laugh to myself when you said, "This is not the "liberal media" taking anything out of context." No, maybe you did not take anything out of context but the one-sidedness of your view is just as bad. For example, did you report the time during the 2008 Presidential Campaign when Barack Obama declared that he was campaigning in 57 states? We all know that even presidential candidates are human, I just wish the media would admit that there are some definite failings with our current president, too. Maybe then more people in this country wouldn't hate the media's one-sidedness.