Friday, October 29, 2010


Today, I feel stressed. Today is payday, and we have more bills to pay than money in the bank. Today, I feel overwhelmed. I almost feel out of breath. Today, I will try and refocus my mind on little things that I don't pay attention to. Things that are overshadowed by money, or the lack of money. I will think about these small things today. I will breath easier just thinking about Molly's sweet little toes. I will smile thinking about Charlotte's dollar store decoration pick, for her room. I will find happiness in itty bitty things today. The stuff I just walk by, and never look at.
I just can't let this shit control us today.
Not today.
1st toenail polish
Charlotte's Halloween decorations in her room

Pumpkin lights

Sticking with something

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  1. Yes, focus on other things.

    My car died the other day. 15 years I've had that thing. Haven't had a car payment in over 10 years. Just thinking about what we're going to cut to pay for something that runs leaves me near tears. So I baked instead. 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies and an apple pie. And put a pie in the freezer.
    Sometimes denial is okay.