Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Tooth Fairy has no change

My daughter, Olivia, had her talent show audition after school yesterday. I was more nervous for her than she was. She thinks she has an incredible voice. Like an American Idol, or one of those cute Disney stars she watches. She practices in front of the mirror, or anything that reflcts, and has perfected that warbling, tremor. She got wind of the school talent show, and announced that she was going to sing the school song in it. I really thought that she might be setting herself up for a fall, and was not overly encouraging. I feel terrible after attending the audition.I feel terrible that I did not have more encouragement for my confidant child, and instead, silently discouraged her doing this because I was fearful she would fail, and feel pain.I realize that all of the children were between Kindergarten and 2nd grade. "Talent" was a term loosely applied. There were other aspiring stars. An Indian girl singing Hannah was comical when in her thick Indian accent, she was singing deadpan into the microphone, "Everybody makes mistakes...everyone has those days..." And the kid "break dancing" to "Bust a move". Each performance so commendable in both it's innocence, and exhuberance. It was breathtaking.
When Olivia got up to the microphone, she marched. I saw her do it. Her head was high, her chest out. She was excited. Not the dread, and nervousness I was feeling, and would have been feeling if I were her age. She stood there, and with no music, sang it clearly, on key, with a smile on her face. Her classmates cheered! No joke! I saw the excitement in her face. The thrill of having an audience respond to you. I never had that before, and for a moment, felt a tinge of jealousy at what she might have been experiencing.
When we pulled into the driveway, her tooth popped out of it's socket. It had been loose for some time. She was overcome with yet, more excitement. Another milestone for her. A little bit closer to getting "bigger". My first thought....Oh crap, I have no money, and have already pilfered through their piggy banks. Thankfully, my parents had sent St. Patrick's Day cards for the girls, complete with two crisp dollar bills. Aaah....the luck of the Irish.

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