Monday, December 10, 2012

Scenes from a long weekend

I haven't written in a bit. Things here have been busy, to say the least. Between working at night, household crap, and holiday prep, I wrote my weekly column last week, after reading, and becoming inspired by Rants from Mommylands' gift card exchange. I didn't publish it in this space, because I wanted to keep it at a local level, and the amount of people that have responded has been AWESOME!

So, after working both Friday and Saturday nights, running a 5K on Saturday, (OMG!!! more on that later) I have been busy here, at my keyboard, matching givers and givees, and it has been a long process, but really, I could do it all day, everyday. I wish I could spend my days helping others. It has been amazing, reading all of the emails, and the giving has been so inspiring. It is making me rethink so much as to what I want out of my life. I could get very used to putting people together in the name of giving. There are so many great people, all around us. This experience has been truly humbling. 

We did leave a little time to get a tree, decorate it, with colored lights this year, per the families not my favorite, but the girls love it....and mail off wish lists to Santa. That has me stressed as always. Looks like I will be shopping days before Christmas, when David gets paid. Not stressful at all! *gulp*

So, here are a few moments from the weekend. 


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  1. I'm so happy for you. I keep feeling compelled to say "proud of you" but I mean it in the most non-condescending way ever. And it ticked me off when people would say it to me when I went back to work.. or accomplished some other little me-ism. So instead I will raise a glass to you and offer a "YOU GO GIRL!" in a goofy, ironic, non-condescending manner. And also YEEHAAAWWW!! XOXO