Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Charlotte has me worried.

 She is exhibiting so much anxiety, and stress, and worry, and sadness. My daughter, who, one week ago, was happy, can barely get through the day without crying. She suddenly has one irrational fear, and "bad thought", as she puts it, after another. I don't know how to help her.

We were just lying in bed, and I was comforting her, and she told me through her tears, that I am her life, and she would give her own life for me. She is 7. Where is this coming from?

It is Tuesday. We have not a dollar to our name until Friday. I am stressed. Yet, I am careful not to show it, which is incredibly hard, as Charlotte seems so very fragile. And I know how she feels. She said before that her thoughts are like a wheel. They keep spinning and spinning, and suddenly, they just stop on one, and they aren't stopping at the happy ones.

Oh my poor bear. I understand.

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