Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A sort of homecoming...

..."they are just jealous because they are piss poor...too bad sad"....

..."my family and I are going on vacation, we make enough money to do so and build great memories for our children".

Someone actually wrote those words to me this week, in an argument I got into on Facebook, regarding...well...everything going on in our country right now, and our President, and my defense of him. Apparently, backing up my President, and being a struggling middle to lower middle class family means I hate success, hard work, and the wealthy. Right? It also seems to mean I am lazy, and jealous, to some.

I am unsure when or how it came to be, but the media, or the "have's" who are fearful of the "have not's", or rather, fearful of how easy they could become a "have not", through no fault of their own, has really done what it needed to do. It has pitted us against one another. They have created classes, within a class! Bravo! Well done!

We, meaning, the middle class, or, the lower portion of us, the people who were making ends meet, and living paycheck to paycheck, in the hopes, that one day, our hard work would  pay off, and have found ourselves, well...working harder than ever, and having none of it paying fact...watching it all slip away...yes, us...we seemed to have divided into "cliques", if you will. It's like High School, all over again. Middle class Americans looking down on fellow middle class Americans.

"They are jealous because they are piss poor. Too bad, so sad." Shockingly, these words were written, to me, by a woman in her 40's. Amazing, I know. It was at that moment, I realized, that everybody in this whole country is scared. Genuinely, frightened, and insecure. That would be the only reason someone would speak so cruelly to another, and gloat about how "well" they are doing, compared to someone else. Just like High School. Making fun of some one's clothes, because yours are more expensive. When you have nothing intelligent to say, fling an insult. When you are scared about the possibility, that all these struggling Americans really may not be lazy, and really not looking for a free ride, and you too could find yourself where they gets a little uncomfortable. It becomes too close to home.

We are at the High School Football game, all over again. And there can only be one winner. And when that happens, the other team must secede to the other's laws. Isn't that how it works? Or does it? We are all players. Sadly, the opposing team is just like you.  Sure...there are the cheerleaders, and the big mouths in the stands, heckling, and yelling out profanities, all while sitting on their butts, knuckle deep in a bag of peanuts. And there are those with the designer duds, or a better car than yours.

But really, we should all be on the same team. We are struggling. And whether you are scared to lose, or have nothing to lose, how are you gonna play this? Look down your nose at someone, and judge, and criticize? Call someone "piss poor", and "jealous"?

 Is that what we have really become?

That is too bad.

 And so very, very, sad.

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