Saturday, February 11, 2012


Just like that.

 It came to me in a moment, and it was crystal clear.

You spend your childhood waiting to grow up. And while waiting, you wonder. Wonder what you will become.

And you spend your adulthood trying to become what you will become. Waiting for the day to arrive when you know for sure if it has really begun.

Or are you just pretending? Thinking, this must be it. This is all that I am.

But you know you are more. And you live a life you think you should be living, yet you lay in bed at night, dreaming of the life you want.

And it's that simple. The dream is it. And it is you. And to step through that doorway is easier than you think.

That gnawing feeling disappears. Small wisps, into nowhere.

And the excitement of what is about to reveal itself, is the secret that you have been pushing down. Afraid maybe someone will laugh at you, or tell you that you can't.

But you realize that isn't true. And you know, with all the certainty in your body, that the dream is here. And the moment you have been waiting for is now.

And you can't even sit still, because it is beautiful. And true. And good.

It is you.

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