Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Last night, I was tired.

 More tired than I can remember.

Tired of outside stuff that I can't control, controlling me.

Tired of all of that stuff taking away from my sanity. And my happiness.

Tired of thinking about it.

Tired of worrying about it.

Tired of it getting in the way of what is real.

Because it isn't real. Or positive. Or productive.

And really, it is out of my hands. And in someone else's.

To do what they wish with it.

But I am tired of being tired of it.

So last night, I let it go.

And I fell into a sleep like no other.

Each time, I woke up, I felt sleepier, and more cozy, and warm, than before.

And Molly curled herself up into me, like a cat.

And soon, our breathing was one.

And it went like that all night. Until the light crept in.

And I know what to do now.

There is nothing more that I can.

And that is what I can control.

Because there are too many things way more important.

And I have been letting that be more important than this.

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