Sunday, September 1, 2013

What do I say?

 I am a fraud?

 I am not what I expect others to be to me?

I am a bad friend.

 This I know.

 I want so much to be accepted.

But I accept no one.


And it is always fun.

But I cut it off.

I am unsure why I do this.

I miss these relationships.

Even mourn for them.

But I let them go.

Each and every one.

Then I am sad when they move on.

No Christmas card.

No calls.

I deserve it.

I disappoint.

And yet, I think I am a great friend.

All evidence to the contrary.


  1. You are my friend, not because you tried, but because I like you.
    I am your friend every day. All day
    No matter when or how long since we talked.
    So there.

  2. Your not a bad friend. Just because people move on, disagree or don't relate to one another doesn't mean you failed or they did. It's life and that is the way it is. For us, it may never be what it once was but I'll never look back and say she wasn't a good friend, never.