Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Looking over my shoulder

David brought up all of the boxes from the basement, that hold all of our Christmas decorations. Back into the boxes they will all go, until next year. Getting the lights off the tree and pushing the drying beast out the sliding glass door, onto the deck, where it will sit, and ice over, for probably a week, until we dispose of it, or chop it up, and burn it next summer in our chiminea ought to take up a good portion of my afternoon today.

 The needles left everywhere will also have me vacuuming most of the day, as well as the glitter, and confetti left over from New Years Eve. Normally I vacuum my floors every other day, if not every day. With everyone home for the last week, and kids dressing and undressing from playing in the snow, and the holidays, with all of it's floors are not good. If you walk barefoot, sparkles, pine needles, and dust bunnies begin to stick to the bottom of your feet. If you wear socks, well...that's not very pretty either. I have been keeping my shoes on. 

De-Christmas-ing usually leads to purging, and neatening up around these here parts. My already cluttered house looks a bit less uncluttered once all of the decorations are gone. Don't get me wrong...I love the holidays, and all that they bring. This past Christmas was really nice, and I enjoyed most of it. 

But there is something so nice about getting "back to normal". Even my girls were happy to wake up, eat their breakfasts, and hop on the bus. Charlotte happily woke up to a visit from the tooth fairy...(thank heavens I remembered, as I was watching House Hunters much past my bedtime, and sprang into action!) Even Olivia said that the break was starting to confuse her. She didn't like the schedule of no schedule. She said that the last few days, she just didn't know what to do with herself, and was happy to return to her predictable day. (Quite honestly, I think she got tired of me finding chores to busy her hours.)

Molly is happy too. She likes the ride to the bus stop in the morning, and seeing her sisters off. She knows that when we get home, Sesame Street is still on, and it is time for her breakfast. She likes her bagel with cream cheese, but I have begun to realize that it is only the cream cheese she likes, and the bagel is just a vehicle to get it into her mouth. 

Today, she will help me clean up around here. Just her and I. She will interrogate me about what I am cooking for dinner. She starts to miss her sisters after lunch, and normally asks when it is time to go get them from the bus stop. We have our own little daily grind here, she and I. I know it won't be like this forever, and although some days, the predictability of it bores me, and the household chores makes me feel like I am running in a hamster wheel, I also know I will long for it when it inevitably morphs into something else. 

Nothing remains the same. It is all ever changing. Years of ornaments will go back into the dark basement, joined by new additions from this season, to our ever growing collection, representing years gone by. Like the rings of a tree, slowly moving and changing. 

Daily life, has such a false sense of permanence. Some days, it feels like we are at a stand still, going nowhere.

 Yet slowly, ever slowly, we are most certainly moving forward.



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