Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Darn sun

It is strange to be in the house on a beautiful summer day, but Olivia is sick. She has a stomach bug, that seems to be running through our house. I dislike the television being on, in the day, but it seems to be taking everyone out of my hair. A very necessary evil.

My energy is low. I have piles of clean laundry to find a home for. I am stressed beyond stressed about money, and bills. Summer feels like it is dragging it's heels in, and taking it's sweet time. School clothes need to be purchased, and gas needs to be accounted for, and disgustingly, I am serving hot dogs for dinner tonight, because that is what we have. Lots of them. David came home with three massive boxes of them, because they were priced so low...I'm talking like a buck and change....so, looks like hot dogs it is.

I hurt even writing these words, because looking at it means it is for real, but David deleted all of my photos from the last two years. By accident of course, but each time the thought flashes into my mind, I have to put it right out. Two years of my girls life, captured only in my mind now. Ugh...I can't..

I guess this is the universe telling me to get on to the pile of clothes, and tackle the dishes in the sink, and go through the mounds of clutter in the kitchen crap basket, and make some kind of order in this place. We have been busy being busy, and today, we are at a hault.

I wish it would rain. That would make me feel better.

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